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Known for its culture and breathtaking landscape, South Dakota is a peaceful state that offers its residents and visitors a chance to embark on beautiful outdoor adventures. Although South Dakota does not have a vast population, the residents that occupy this state are welcoming with big hearts. To keep up with all the state has to offer, we have created a list that highlights five reasons to consider a locum tenens job in South Dakota.

If you consider yourself a nature lover, a locum tenens position in South Dakota is a no brainer. According to U.S. News, South Dakota has the second-best natural environment in the country.  Let’s dive into some of the great features that contribute to this thriving environment.
Looking to make new discoveries underground? If you answered yes, your next stop should be Jewel Cave. Located in Custer County, Jewel Cave is the world’s third longest cave. It features calcite crystals, boxwork formations, cave popcorn and a long ribbon drapery called “cave bacon.”

The world’s sixth-longest cave, Wind Cave, can also be found in South Dakota. This cave sits under a 28,294-acre wildlife sanctuary and contains the world’s largest concentration of rare boxwork formations. Wind Cave is also the first cave to be designated as a national park.

Speaking of parks, South Dakota has six national park service sites and 56 state parks and recreation areas. These destinations are perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, swimming and sightseeing. Strengthen your connection with mother nature as you surround yourself with lakes, forests,and canyons.

In addition to the limitless sightseeing available at South Dakota’s parks, you will have the chance to witness historic sites like Mount Rushmore. This national memorial draws in close to three million annual visitors and features sculptures of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The state’s museums are also great for learning about Native American culture and our nation’s history.

Although the environment is what draws many people to South Dakota, the cost of living helps keep them there. South Dakota has a growing economy and a cost of living that’s less than the national average.

If you’re considering South Dakota as a destination for your next locum tenens position, know that this state has plenty to offer. According to the Rural Health Information Hub, South Dakota has 38 rural critical access hospitals, 56 rural health clinics and 38 federally qualified health center sites. There are also 10 short-term hospitals located outside of urbanized areas.

View our current list of locum tenens jobs in South Dakota here, and let us help you find the perfect locum tenens job for your schedule. Be sure to check out our infographic below of five reasons to consider a locum tenens job in South Dakota.