Sometimes it is necessary to take a minute and relax after a busy day in the hospital or practice. Life can be a little chaotic, so if you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed we have provided you with 7 tips on how to de-stress.


1. Put your kettle to use – Chamomile tea, rose tea and black tea are all good options when it comes to making some soothing, hot beverage. A hot cup of tea can relieve anxiety and have a calming effect that are both beneficial in relieving some stress. Don’t know which tea you would like to try? Search through different options here.


2. Light a candle or burn incenseAromatherapy can help in reduce anxiety after a hectic day. Pick your favorite scent, grab a book, dim the lights and relax. Want to try a new candle? Order one of these online here.Airwick-Multicolour-Candle1

3. Reorganize and de-clutter – Whether it’s your desk, office or bedroom, taking the time to organize can help clear the mind and provide a relaxing environment. Here are some easy tips to help you de-clutter your homeuarqji17n2trn9ln5sw9sgoz2dl5qrni4axpm20hasxsysoctlnu741o8ul1d7ap-o

 4. Breathe/meditateA stressful day can get the best of us, but it is important to give yourself a break to simply take a deep breath and relax. A minute to yourself can go a long way. If you have more time, you might even want to try a meditation session. Use your candles during your meditation session and sip a cup of tea afterwards! 3

 5.  Detoxify your body– Staying hydrated is important for both your mind and body. Try spicing up your water by adding different fruits and vegetables. There are so many variations of infused water to try70090b8ac2a4254e435d1c9adb4619e0

 6. Exercise and stretch – Taking a stroll outside after work or going on a short jog can help relieve some tension and allows you to get some fresh air too. Thirty minutes of excessive every day is scientifically proven to relieve stress and have an overall sense of well-being. Try these simple yoga stretches for some daily de-stressing. yoga_blog_-_use_yoga_to_break_bad_habit_-_change_behaviour_-_womens_health_uk__medium_4x3

7. Stay positive and smile – Wearing a smile not only improves your mood, but the attitude of those around you. A smile can go a long way!smile



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