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Are you a new grad about to launch into the world of locum tenens or a provider with a lot of locums experience looking for that next assignment?

Face it, even great candidates can increase the likelihood of being accepted for locum opportunities they find appealing by improving their marketability.

Here is how to grab the attention from both agencies and facilities:

1)      Your CV must be up-to-date, clean and concise.  Make sure it is thorough and if there are any gaps that you are prepared to explain them.


2)      If you have worked a lot of locum tenens assignments; make sure to list all of your past locum assignments, that your dates are correct and that your locum tenens assignments can be distinguished from permanent positions.  Better yet, you might want to create an attachment which shows only your locums assignments.  I have seen this and it works nicely, but again, keep it updated.


3)      Make certain that your agency consultant has all of the information needed, including at least three good references, allowing them to present your information over at a moment’s notice.  Remember, “time is of the essence”.


4)      Be flexible.  Be open to travel, whether it is 3-4 hours from your home or a flight away.  The more flexible you can be, the more opportunities will be open to you.  And, maybe look at having several licenses in states which interest you.


Last of all, when you go to your assignment be a team player.  Do not try to change their rules and regulations and be the provider they ask for again and again.



by: Phyllis McElroy, Director of Business Development

phone: (214) 932-1426