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The credentialing process can often be time consuming for both providers and facilities. In many circumstances, facilities are limited on time and need qualified locum tenens providers to quickly fill their vacancies. On the other hand, providers have busy schedules and must set aside time to ensure their credentials meet the facility’s requirements.

At Medestar, we work with physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and dentists who are ready to start their next locum tenens job. We work diligently with our providers to gather all qualifying documents needed for a timely placement.

As you prepare for your next locum tenens opportunity, our credentialing experts are here to provide tips to ensure your experience is smooth and time efficient.

Keep both hard and digital copies of qualifying documents

In order to streamline the process when you’re up for a new locums assignment, have a file of necessary documents ready to go. This will ensure quick and effective onboarding at a new facility.

Ask questions

Credentialing can be a daunting step for a new grad or for a physician who is new to locums. Be sure to ask your credentialing coordinator any questions you have so you can feel confident and informed during the process.

Have open lines of communication

Prompt responses to your credentialing coordinator and to the hospital or clinic will ensure the quickest turnaround for the credentialing process. Be sure to fulfill their requests and answer calls/emails as soon as you’re able.

Check expiration dates

Licenses and other documentation must be up to date during credentialing, and renewing licenses can be extremely time consuming. Stay on top of your licenses and other necessary documents in order to avoid any delays.

Maintain quality references

At most facilities, there will be a set number of professional, current, and industry-relevant references required. Keep a list of your go-to references for quick, easy access.

If you can remember these five tips, your credentialing process will be smooth and stress free. Our credentialing team at Medestar is always available and ready to assist with any questions you have. If you are a locum tenens physician looking for your next assignment, or if you are new to locums and want to know more, please give us a call. We would love to partner with you as you search for the perfect locum tenens assignment.