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Locum tenens work can provide an exciting change of pace for any healthcare provider. However, you may have a range of questions before considering locum tenens assignments. We have gathered the most asked questions to make it easy for any physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant to understand. Below are five common locum tenens questions, answered.

What is a locum tenens provider?

Locum tenens is Latin for “holding a place.” In the healthcare industry this term refers to a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is filling a temporary assignment.

Why do healthcare facilities need locum tenens providers?

Reasons can range from a physician or mid-level provider on maternity leave, illness, retirement, back-fill a provider who left, or a facility that is temporarily understaffed. Think substitute teachers but in the healthcare industry.

What are the benefits of working as a locum tenens provider?

There are many reasons why some doctors choose to pursue locum tenens work. These include: physicians who have recently completed their residencies (find out why here), have not established a practice, are interested in trying different assignments, tired of managing their own practice, or interested in extending the period before retirement. Locum assignments are ideal for physicians who enjoy traveling, can adapt well to new situations, want to explore new options and best of all, get paid! You have the control as a locum physician. If you live in the South and want to beat the heat during the summer, explore shifts up North! You can tailor your assignments to your location and time needs. “Full time work that pays much more than I made as a full time primary care doctor is 7 days a week, every other week, about 12 hours a day. This allows me to have real time off, which is great.” – Janice Boughton, MD

How do I become a locum provider?

The process of becoming a locum healthcare provider is simple. Contacting an agency, such as Medestar, is your first step. You will then be connected with a recruiter who will assist you throughout the process. You’ll proceed through a screening that entails your motivating factors such as requirements, certifications, work history, background, etc. Once the agency has your parameters you will be matched to jobs that fit your needs!

What other advice can you give me?

We want you to be satisfied in your first or next locum tenens assignment. Medestar is a locum tenens physician recruitment firm, matching top physicians in all specialties, CRNAs, nurse practitioners and physician assistants with the nation’s leading facilities. Working with Medestar Locums will make your career ventures a breeze. To search open positions and learn more, visit: