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Why Locum Tenens Providers Work With Medestar

When choosing a Locum Tenens company to work with, providers have many options. Having so many options can make it difficult to decide who to work with and who not to work with. When deciding to work with Medestar providers get to work with people that are...

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5 Reasons to Consider a Locum Tenens Job in Texas

Texas is the biggest state in the nation, and maybe the proudest. With lots to offer temporary and permanent residents, we put together this list of 5 reasons to consider a locum tenens job in Texas to share some of our favorite things about our home state. Why make...

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How the Gig Economy Affects Locum Tenens

The gig economy has changed the way many organizations approach the way they do business. Workers gain the flexibility that fits with their lifestyle and other responsibilities, and they can achieve a work-life balance that's hard to find in a full- or part-time...

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Reasons To Consider Locum Agencies For Doctors

A physician who wants to try out a variety of professional environments, or does not want to commit to a full-time position may want to check out locum agencies for doctors. This "try it before you buy it" approach is great when you are considering a variety of...

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Why Are Nurse Practitioner Jobs In Such High Demand?

With over 37,000 healthcare positions opening up in the next 10 years, one of the most severe shortages is for people who can fill nurse practitioner jobs. Professionals who are interested in nurse practitioner jobs are those who are highly educated with advanced...

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Making a Good First Impression at a New Job

One skill that's essential to succeeding on your locum tenens assignments is knowing how to make a good first impression. Unlike doctors and healthcare professionals working at full-time practices, your first day at a new job could happen dozens of times in a single...

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5 Skills You Need to Be a Great Locums Provider

Caring for patients as a locums provider can be challenging because you are working on a temporary basis. Depending on the length of your assignment or shifts, you may not have the opportunity to build the patient relationships typically expected when one visits the...

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How to Manage Conflict in a New Job

Conflicts occur everyday, but healthcare presents a whole new level of compromise by people working together to deliver optimum patient care. If you are locum tenens provider or on a travel assignment, it can be hard to manage a difficult situation in your new work...

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Helpful Tips for Physician Licensing

  Due to the difference in each state's physician licensing requirements, the time to process your license application can vary by a month or more. If you're interested in a locum tenens position, those extra weeks can significantly delay your start date. For these...

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Why Work as a Travel Therapist?

This brief informational post will share some of the benefits of travel work, and why you should work as a travel therapist.  I bet you never would have thought after all that schooling, that you'd consider a traveling career. The healthcare industry is booming with...

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What to Bring on Your Locums Job to Feel More at Home

When you make your living doing locum tenens work, you get to enjoy a lot of freedom as you see different parts of the country, enjoy different accents and regional dishes, and learn a thing or two about new ways to run a hospital or medical treatment center. It can...

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Tips for Choosing a Locum Tenens Agency

For many physicians and healthcare providers, deciding to work a locum tenens assignment is a big enough decision, only to find out you then have to choose an agency to work with. Here are some tips for choosing a locum tenens agency that will help you decide who to...

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