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Packing Tips and Tricks for Locum Tenens Assignments

We all know how packing works: we stuff our whole wardrobe that could fit a trunk, into a carry on, wear 20% of the wrinkly clothes and scrubs, then set the suitcase in the corner of the bedroom for weeks, waiting to be unpacked. If you identify with this common...

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Why Physicians in Training Should Consider Locum Tenens

Physicians in training should consider locum tenens work because it provides the most freedom to explore what type of practice, case load and location is suitable for their lifestyle. Most positions of this type are temporary and based on the needs of facilities and...

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5 Useful Mobile Apps for Locum Tenens Physicians

Whether you are driving to cover a local shift or filling a position in another state, you can benefit from this list of 5 useful mobile apps for locum tenens physicians. We selected the apps that will keep you organized, help you explore your new town, and keep your...

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Infographic: Why Work VA Locum Tenens

Why should a healthcare provider consider working a locum tenens assignment at the VA?   Check out our VA Locum Tenens Infographic Did you know the VA is the largest direct provider of healthcare services in the nation? With over 1,400 medical centers and clinics...

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What will happen to traditional health care?

We can anticipate many changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act in the near future. Many physicians are already experiencing changes specifically in Medicaid pay outs. An article by Kaiser Health New states, "the challenge is to persuade physicians not just to...

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5 Reasons to Continue Your Job Search During the Holidays

Your job opportunities aren't taking the holidays off, you shouldn't either.  With the excitement surrounding the holidays, many people put their job searches on hold.  However, you might want to take a few extra hours to explore your options.  Here are 5 reasons to...

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How To Be The Most Attractive Locums Candidate

Are you a new grad about to launch into the world of locum tenens or a provider with a lot of locums experience looking for that next assignment? Face it, even great candidates can increase the likelihood of being accepted for locum opportunities they find appealing...

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Top 10 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Use Locum Tenens

Healthcare facilities across the nation are becoming increasingly dependent on locum tenens physicians. What is a “locum tenens” you might ask? A locum tenens is a Latin phrase for “Place Holder.” In medical terms, it is a legal provider (either physician or...

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U.S. Healthcare Workforce Outlook

This week is National Hospital Week - a time to say thank you to the more than 5.6 million hospital employees around the country. The outlook of the U.S. healthcare workforce is becoming increasing important as more patients get access to care and our elderly...

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Why Would I Want to Use a Locum Tenen?

When I was a child, I often dreamed of becoming a physician and living the American dream.  I wanted the big house, the beautiful family, the nice car, and the happiness which results from being a medical provider.  As I grew older, my thoughts of becoming a physician...

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