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The recruitment specialists at Medestar have extensive knowledge of the locum tenens industry and will seek out the best opportunities for you. Our service team will help to obtain licensure in other states and will also arrange malpractice insurance for the duration of your assignment.


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Locum Tenens FAQs

What is locum tenens?
Locum tenens is Latin for “holding/possessing/maintaining the position”. In the healthcare industry this term refers to a physician who is filling a temporary assignment.
Why should I choose locum tenens?
There are many reasons why a provider chooses to do locum tenens. The most common reason is flexibility – being able to practice whenever, wherever and not have to deal with the management duties of the practice.
What types of people practice locum tenens?
Locum tenens practice is ideal for physicians and allied professionals at any stage of the career. It is a great way to explore practice types early in the career, and also a great opportunity to continue working but with not as many hours.
What type of facilities use locum tenens?
All types of facilities – hospitals, medical groups, community health, private practice, government agencies – use locums to fill crucial staffing needs.

Candidate Testimonials

Your career is an important decision for you and your family. We want you to work with a  firm that never gives less than 110% to meet your needs. When dealing with so many moving parts, our Account Managers and Recruiters continuously exceed our candidates’ expectations.

“I stumbled upon Medestar fresh out of training and furloughed in my job on account of credentialing. Panic stricken and with bills due, I was put in touch with an incredible service and recruiter, Jason. Within two weeks I was in my locums position and moved in to my temporary apartment. Credentialing process was a breeze, he even printed me off a copy of my very first paycheck as an attending! My family and I are eternally grateful.” Dr. L

Austin, TX

“I have been working with Medestar for nearly five years. The staff all the way from the corporate offices to my special recruiter, Amy, have been faithful, diligent and hard working to fulfill my needs every month. I am unable to say, adequately, how interested they have been to care for my needs and fulfilling my wishes. Seems that Amy is available whenever the opportunity knocks or an assignment has a problem.” Dr. K

Cincinnati, OH

“Very proactive and accurate professionals! Being a hospitalist, I began working for Medestar with a short 3-month assignment with 6 shifts/month, which then turned into 15-20 shifts every month over last 5 years. All of this was possible thanks to the outstanding recruiters – Todd Cadenhead, Laura Shirley and Natalie Mansour, who make work very smooth! Best recommendations for Medestar!” Dr. T

Florence, SC

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