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As a new physician entering the marketplace, you might be thinking, should I consider Locum Tenens practice?

Starting your career as a Locum Tenens provider enables you to …


There’s no better way to understand the right practice setting for you than to test drive your options. After trying locum tenens opportunities in different settings, you may discover that you prefer a hospital-based environment over that private practice you were considering.


Locum tenens practice offers you the chance to work in diverse clinical settings with various patient populations. Entering a fellowship program? With a temporary position you will advance financially while honing your clinical skills as you begin the next level of training.


Are you worried about administrative hassles? Locum tenens practice grants you the freedom to schedule vacations whenever you like, travel throughout the country, and work as little or as much as you like - all while benefiting financially from typically higher earnings than salaried employees and decreasing your student debt.

If you are interested in pursuing temporary physician assignments as an independent contractor, look no further. The physician recruitment specialists at Medestar have extensive knowledge of the locum tenens market industry and will seek out the best opportunities for you.

Locum Tenens FAQs

Locum tenens is Latin for “holding/possessing/maintaining the position". In the healthcare industry this term refers to a physician who is filling a temporary assignment.

There are many reasons why a provider chooses to do locum tenens. The most common reason is flexibility - being able to practice whenever, wherever and not have to deal with the management duties of the practice.

Locum tenens practice is ideal for physicians and allied professionals at any stage of the career. It is a great way to explore practice types early in the career, and also a great opportunity to continue working but with not as many hours.

All types of facilities - hospitals, medical groups, community health, private practice - use locums to fill crucial staffing needs.

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Consider Government Practice with Medestar

If you are a physician or advanced practice clinician looking for opportunities to expand your personal and professional goals, consider government practice through Medestar. Here are some of the many benefits:

Practice on your current, unrestricted state license in most federal facilities - If you are considering relocating to an area but the licensing process is time consuming and uncertain, start in a federal facility. You can be working in your new home town in just a few weeks or months while you complete the state licensing process. No more guessing or being stuck when the process gets delayed.

Most federal locum tenens positions last a minimum of 90 days with a majority lasting between 6 and 12 months.

Medestar pays weekly and takes care of invoicing the government.

Medestar will cover the cost of transportation to and from the assignment, housing and rental car if necessary while in a federal facility.

Because our federal clients serve military families, veterans and Native Americans, every Medestar federal locum tenens position provides you with an opportunity to serve those who most need it.

Because there are federal opportunities throughout the country, Medestar locum tenens is an excellent way to visit and get involved in a variety of communities and activities.

Whether you are looking to work in a state of the art outpatient clinic or a world class hospital, in a small town or a large city, days or nights, there is a federal facility that meets your needs.