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One skill that’s essential to succeeding on your locum tenens assignments is knowing how to make a good first impression. Unlike doctors and healthcare professionals working at full-time practices, your first day at a new job could happen dozens of times in a single year. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your next temporary position.

Study the Systems in Advance

Technology makes many processes easier and more intuitive in medical practices, but you encounter many types of electronic medical record solutions when you go to your assignments. If you know what they’re using before your first day, spend some time learning the basics. Focus on the functionality most relevant to the position. With time and experience, you’ll pick up new applications almost immediately.

Research the Medical Clinic

Read through any and all information you can find on the medical clinic. The staff doesn’t have to go over basic information since you’re pre-equipped with the answers. Your time is spend learning the specifics of your job and hitting the ground running.

Build a Rapport With the Medical Staff

You may only spend a few days in a clinic for each assignment, but you may find yourself going back to the same practices whenever they need someone to come in temporarily. Invest the time into relationship building with nurses, technicians, front desk personnel and other staff. A strong rapport creates a pleasant working environment and increases your chances of getting called back for recurring assignments.

Listen Carefully

You don’t have a lot of time to get up to speed. Pay close attention to the instruction and training you receive from the medical staff. Take notes if you need to and don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. You need enough information to provide a quality experience for patients and the practice alike.

Locum tenens jobs give you an excellent way to work in a wide variety of environments. You expand your skill set and knowledge every time you walk through the door. Use these techniques to get the most out of your temporary assignment and to nail that first impression.

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