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One of the most important days in a medical student’s career is Match Day. Once a year, all residents join each other and wait for an envelope informing each student on which residency program they are matched to.  Match Day 2016 has fallen on Friday, March 18th. Today is a very exciting and life-changing day for all medical students. Take a moment to scroll through some Twitter posts with the current number one trending hashtag, #MatchDay2016. Don’t forget to tell your new resident friends congratulations!

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Match Day is where all four-year medical students find out what residency programs they are “matched” to. They will then move to their new city and program to begin their PGY1 (post-grad year one) where they are considered an intern. After the first year of PGY1, interns move to PGY2 (post-grad year two) and they continue their career as a resident and begin focusing on their specialty.

Medical students start applying to their preferred programs in September of their fourth year. When December approaches they are invited to interviews based on their skills, education and interests. After the interview process both parties provide a ranking. The medical students will rank the programs they interviewed with number one being their top choice of program. The programs will simultaneously complete their ranking by ranking the candidates they interviewed with. Both lists are inserted into The Match. “The Match provides unparalleled medical matching services in the United States. It’s 100% objective, 100% accurate and 100% committed to a fair and transparent process. With its internationally recognized algorithm, comprehensive data reports, and advanced technology, The Match is helping applicants achieve their dreams.”

When The Match completes the process each fourth-year medical student is given an envelope which holds their future program. Not all medical students will receive a match, which can change your career. If this process sounds nerve-wrecking to you that is because it is. Medical students find themselves in this waiting game filled with nervousness until this day approaches. Though this sounds like a tough time for students in medicine, Match Day pays off from former years of hard work throughout undergraduate and medical school. Congratulations to all medical school students and we wish the best for you in your career!

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