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In the midst of the pandemic impacting our country, Medestar would like to honor all physicians by wishing you a Happy National Doctors’ Day. The sacrifices and efforts you and your team make treating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 are deeply appreciated.

In honor of National Doctors’ Day, Medestar, a healthcare locum tenens staffing company, would like to highlight one locum tenens physician who saved a person’s life.  Our mission statement is centered on finding people who care, and this story demonstrates the focus of our mission-driven work.

Dr. M.S., an emergency medicine physician and trauma surgeon, was sent to fulfill the needs of a rural Oklahoma hospital. Immediately after starting his new position, he was called to action.

“There are not many people out there that can say they get to work directly with life-saving heroes, but we get to communicate with them every day,” said Corey Prescott, Medestar Physician Recruiter.

Prescott was able to find Dr. M.S. an opportunity to serve a community in need. A day after starting his new locum tenens assignment, Dr. M.S. and his staff were needed to help a rodeo participant named Jimbo.

Jimbo was severely injured after a roping competition knocked him unconscious and left him with broken ribs, punctured lungs, and a bruised heart and spleen.

“It was horrifying watching the accident and my husband laying there having convulsions,” said Vicky, Jimbo’s wife. “So many things going through my mind.”

As her husband was rushed to the hospital, Vicky said God gave her peace by assuring her Jimbo would be okay. She was comforted by a medical team who would turn her peace into a sigh of relief.

 “The new trauma surgeon was amazing,” Vicky said. “He had just started the day before and had experience in collapsed lungs to do an immediate tube insert.”

Vicky said the actions of Dr. M.S. and the hospital’s nursing staff helped save her husband’s life.  Jimbo is now doing well and continues to make progress along the road to recovery.

Medestar is grateful to work with dedicated physicians like Dr. M.S. who commit to providing healthcare to communities in need. Our team would like to wish all doctors a Happy National Doctors’ Day.