INdian health services

The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

How Medestar Helps

Indian Health

Medestar successfully fills the need for providers in Indian Health facilities around the country. Our mission is Centered on Finding People Who Care, and no where does it hold more true than in the support of healthcare for in-need communities.

We will find physicians, advanced practice clinicians and dentists who believe in providing quality care to culturally rich and diverse populations. Our sourcing methods specifically target candidates who meet the values and requirements to fill these critical roles.

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Candidates share their experience with Medestar

Working at an Indian Health Services facility allowed me to provide care for an underserved and often overlooked population. Many of my patients had no other resources or places to turn for medical care. Medestar was great at facilitating my work there. Whenever issues would arise, they were respon sive and worked between me and the hospital to have those issues quickly resolved. Overall it was a very positive experience!

Working in a federal facility has given me the opportunity to care for patients without worrying about financial costs to the patients. If treatment needs to be provided and the patient is willing to have care, then it is more a matter of time than money. I love being able to take care of someone and not worry about whether they can afford it or not. Medestar is an outstanding company to work for. The staff was very helpful and a delight to work with. They made sure I had everything I needed. They provide very fair contracts and bent over backward to ensure that their contractors are happy.

I have worked in multiple types of Dental facilities for over 33 years. What stands out about Indian Health is the people you meet and the unique cultural exposure. Both the staff and patients are interesting, accepting, grateful and helpful! The advantage of a federal program is the broad base of patients and excellent facilities in which you work. Medestar has been extremely supportive and responsive throughout my entire experience.  I hope to have another adventure in Dentistry soon!

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