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If you enjoy working locum tenens jobs but are searching for something more long term, an opportunity with Medestar’s government division may be right up your alley.

Similar to traditional locum tenens opportunities, a government position provides flexibility and freedom to choose when and where you want to work. While flexibility and freedom are appealing factors, the benefits of working a government locum tenens job do not stop there.

One of the most unique benefits of working a government locum tenens job is that your current state license will allow you to work at federal facilities across the country. You have the ability to choose the state(s) where you want to work without any additional licensing.

A government locum tenens job also provides consistency, as a typical contract can last anywhere between six months to a year. This gives you the opportunity to earn a steady income without some of the administrative tasks common in permanent positions. Many providers who choose to work a government position say the positive experience of helping others is what keeps bringing them back.

“Working in a federal facility has given me the opportunity to care for patients without worrying about financial costs to the patients,” Dr. J said. “I love being able to take care of someone and not worry about whether they can afford it or not.”

A government locum tenens job also gives providers the opportunity to serve their country by helping veterans and supporting their families.

“The main factors I look for while choosing an assignment are a supportive working environment where you are needed and would make a difference,” Dr. SK said. “That is what I found at Veterans Affairs Medical Center.”

Federal facilities such as Veteran Affairs and Indian Health Services also have diverse populations that allow providers to connect with patients and other providers from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you are considering working a government locum tenens job, our passionate team at Medestar is dedicated to helping you find a rewarding opportunity. View our current government openings here, and let us help you find the perfect government locum tenens job for your schedule.