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The interview and credentialing process should not be a daunting one. If you know what to expect when speaking to a locum tenens recruiter, then your locums search can be made quick and easy! Read below to find out what to expect when speaking with a locum tenens staffing firm.

1. What do you want? Know exactly what you want and what will satisfy your professional needs. Have a clear idea that you can verbalize and this will help the recruiter find the assignment that is right for you.

2. Background. Recruiters will ask you about your background, schooling, licenses and anything else that can make you a strong candidate. Let us know your state licenses and highlight your greatest accomplishments and skills.

3. Distance. Traveling is a big part when it comes to locums. Think about what distances you would be willing to travel. Would you mind renting a car? Flying to a different state? What states do you already have licenses in that would make you get on the job quickly?

4. Family. Let us know about your family. We want to make sure you can see your family as much as possible, so finding a shift that fits your children’s schedule will help find a suitable location and time frame for you.

5. Availability. Write down your availability and explain how many shifts you would like to pick up each month. What is the longest and shortest amount of time you would like to be on an assignment for? What days can you pick up? Can’t do Saturdays because your son has soccer tournaments? Let the recruiter know. If a need is for a Wednesday morning and that is the time you can work, we can keep you in mind and go to you first!

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