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When choosing a Locum Tenens company to work with, providers have many options. Having so many options can make it difficult to decide who to work with and who not to work with. When deciding to work with Medestar providers get to work with people that are trustworthy, communicate well, are reliable and available in emergency situations.

From the recruiters down to the operations team at Medestar providers get to work with people that genuinely care. Having a diligent operations team makes it easier for Medestar to be able to take care of things for providers that other companies aren’t able to. Medestar does their best to make sure that the process is as simple for providers as possible.

“Medestar sets itself apart from other staffing firms because at our core, we are dedicated to helping communities and facilities fill their gaps in healthcare coverage. We know the difference we’re making in our physicians’ careers as well as the lives of patients who otherwise would not receive treatment.  Everyone from our teams in Sales and Operations to Resources and Accounting are all committed to finding quality candidates and providing the utmost customer service to both our providers and our clients.” -Jillianne Donnelly, Medestar Recruiter

Recruiters are constantly available to the providers they are working with by email, phone call and even text messages. Providers can expect their Medestar recruiter to keep in contact with them throughout an assignment and make sure that things are going well.

“I’ve been here since 2011. I’ve seen this company grow from scheduling 300 days per month to 1,800. I’m proud to be a part of this family. We work hard but play hard as well. We celebrate our successes and are recognized for our growth and accomplishments. THMED gives professional and driven people a place to thrive. The best compliments that have been the most rewarding have been from my working providers. When they enjoy working with me our company and our clients, that’s when I know we are making a difference. I’ve worked with one provider since 2011. We both love working together and love what we do.” -Todd Cadenhead, Medestar Recruiter

An extra plus to working with Medestar is you get paid every week and payments are punctual!

Contact Medestar today and we will help get you in contact with a recruiter to help find you a Locum Tenens job that best suits your needs!