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Physicians in training should consider locum tenens work because it provides the most freedom to explore what type of practice, case load and location is suitable for their lifestyle. Most positions of this type are temporary and based on the needs of facilities and clinics. Locum tenens assignments can vary from periodic shifts to full time schedules. Locum tenens positions are available in all parts of the country. In some cases the compensation is higher due the need for licensed providers at understaffed facilities.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the average debt of a medical student increased by three percent to $180,000 in 2014. Graduating with this kind of student loan debt, physicians in training should consider locum tenens work full-time or pick up extra shifts. Locum tenens allows new graduates to help pay off their student loans and to avoid adding on to their current debt.

Many physicians and advanced practitioners look at locum tenens positions as the best way to start their career, even as they are finishing the final aspects of their education and board certification(s). Graduating physicians in training should consider locum tenens because it can offer the compensation and flexibility that is needed.

Recently trained healthcare providers can use locum tenens as an avenue to gain additional knowledge and to help guide in the decision of what type of permanent position, practice setting and location they would prefer to practice in the future. In some cases, state licenses are paid for on behalf of the locum tenens provider, which further expands employment opportunities without the hassle of obtaining the licenses on their own. With the ability to get an inside look into various practices while networking with other healthcare professionals and paying off student debt, the locum tenens lifestyle plays a significant role in new graduates’ personal and professional growth.

Medestar is a national multi-specialty locums company working with facilities across the country needing assistance on a part-time basis. Medestar takes care of the physician’s malpractice insurance, reimburses for any travel expenses and pays on a weekly basis. If you are considering locum tenens work, Medestar will guide you through the process and tend to your needs. Physicians in training should consider locum tenens work through Medestar because we invest considerable time and resources to ensure our providers are properly vetted, credentialed and enjoy the most optimal coverage available. Visit for more information and job postings.